ODrive v3.5


ODrive v3.5

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High Performance Motor Control


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This is a preorder - Expected to ship between 2018-05-28 and 2018-06-04

DC power voltage input range:

  • 24V version: 12V to 24V.
  • 48V version: 12V to 48V.

Starting from this version, the firmware comes already flashed on the board. You can install firmware upgrades over USB from a PC. This board is hardware-ready for all of the features listed on the features page. Currently the firmware supports the following:

  • Position, Velocity, and Current control modes.
  • Automatic identification of motor parameters (Inductance, Resistance).
  • Realtime USB communication (>4000 floats/sec) to Python host program, which you can interface to your own application.
  • Live-plotting of many variables, including position, speed, current, control effort: extensible to expose your own variables.
  • USB Bootloader.
  • UART communication with an easy to use Arduino Library.
  • Step/Direction input, for replacing stepper motor drivers.
  • Encoders with Index pulse.

Features that will become available with free firmware upgrades:

  • PWM input.
  • Absolute encoders.
  • Hall effect sensored motors (instead of encoder).
  • Commands over CAN.
  • Thermal management
  • Trajectory generation and tracking.
  • Automatic identification of mechanical system parameters and tuning of position and velocity feedback gains.

Please note that this is a beta product and that there may still be hardware bugs present.

This listing Includes the ODrive v3.5 board, a power resistor (for brake energy dissipation), a USB cable, heatsinks, and some nylon standoffs. The pictures show a v3.4 board, but you will receive a v3.5.

Getting started guide Is available here, and the ODrive forums are also available, for posting support queries, showing off your project, and connecting with the rest of the community.