ODrive v3.4


ODrive v3.4



High Performance Motor Control

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This is a preorder: boards are expected to ship on around 15th of December. The pictures show v3.3 because we don't have the new boards to photograph yet: You will receive a v3.4.

This board is hardware-ready for all of the features listed on the features page. Currently the firmware supports the following:

  • Position, Velocity, and Current control modes.
  • Automatic identification of motor parameters (Inductance, Resistance).
  • Realtime USB communication (>4000 floats/sec) to Python host program, which you can interface to your own application.
  • Live-plotting of many variables, including position, speed, current, control effort: extensible to expose your own variables.
  • UART communication with an easy to use Arduino Library.
  • Basic commands over CAN (position, velocity, current).
  • Step/Direction input, for replacing stepper motor drivers.

Features that will become available with free firmware upgrades:

  • PWM input.
  • Encoder with Index pulse; Absolute encoders.
  • USB Bootloader.
  • Thermal management
  • Trajectory generation and tracking.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Automatic identification of mechanical system parameters and tuning of position and velocity feedback gains.

Right now getting started with the ODrive requires installing a bunch of development tools: if you are not comfortable with that, you may wish to wait until we have the USB Bootloader ready.

This listing Includes the ODrive v3.4 board, a ST-Link v2 programmer (note: random color), a power resistor (for brake energy dissipation), USB cables and some nylon standoffs.

Getting started guide Is available here, and the ODrive forums are also available, for posting support queries, showing off your project, and connecting with the rest of the community.