1.6kW Motor and 8192 CPR Encoder

1.6kW Motor and 8192 CPR Encoder

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This listing does not include the 3D printed NEMA23 enclosure. Files and instructions available here.

The motor is a N5065 270kv, rated 1600W. For complete specs, please find it in the Motor Guide.

The encoder is a CUI AMT102 capacitive encoder with 8196 CPR resolution, index pulse and a max speed of 7500 RPM. It comes with a 2m shielded cable that has the correct pinout for the ODrive.

This listing includes everything seen in the 3rd and 4th photos, which is:

  • N5065 270kv - 1.6kW motor
  • Aluminium cross mounting bracket, with screws
  • Rear shaft adapter, with screws
  • M8 propeller hub nut with washer
  • 3x 4mm female bullet connectors (matches motor)
  • CUI AMT102 encoder.
  • 2m shielded cable.
  • Various mounting solutions and adapters for holding various shaft diameters.

The specs for the CUI encoder are available here. You can also reference this CAD model of the motor.