1.6kW Motor and 2400 CPR Encoder

1.6kW Motor and 2400 CPR Encoder

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The motor is a N5065 270kv, rated 1600W. For complete specs, please find it in the Motor Guide.

The encoder is a 2400 CPR optical quadrature incremental optical encoder with no index pulse. This has a max speed of 5000 RPM and comes with a flexible coupler for mounting to the motor.

This listing includes everything seen in the 4th photo, which is:

  • N5065 270kv - 1.6kW motor
  • Aluminium cross mounting bracket, with screws
  • Rear shaft adapter, with screws
  • M8 propeller hub nut with washer
  • 3x 4mm female bullet connectors (matches motor)
  • 2400 CPR optical Encoder (5000 RPM max)
  • 8mm to 6mm flexible shaft coupling
  • 5 pin 0.1" male header for encoder (not soldered)

All dimensions can be found in the CAD model. The motor mounting thread is M4, and the 2400 CPR encoder mounting thread is M3.

To make the motor and encoder fit together as shown with the 1st encoder option, it is necessary to cut the rear shaft adaptor, as shown in the last photo. It is made of fairly soft aluminium and is easy to cut with a hacksaw.